Shipwrech Beach | Best beach in the world!

Shipwreck beach is one of the most famous and most photographed beaches around the world. It was voted in 2018 as the best beach in the world according to the travel website Flight Network. The list is put together by more than 1200 travel professionals across the world, who have combed through 165 countries across seven continents to determine the best stretches of sand on the planet.

They decided the best beach in the world was Shipwreck Beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante, in the Ionian Sea.

The beach, which also goes by the name Navagio Beach, is a secluded cove surrounded by dramatic cliffs and features the shipwreck of the freightliner MV Panagiotis on its golden sand.

It scored 10/10 for “sheer untouched beauty”, 8/10 for remoteness and 8/10 for sand and water quality.

“Out of a dream, the crystal clear waters lap against this small beach with the bones of an old ship rusting away in the sand,” reviewer Erin Miller from the website Upgraded Points said. “It’s quite literally a once-in-a-lifetime kind of beach.”

Located on the north-west shore of Zakynthos island, just 20 minutes drive from Villa Gioia, it is a must see place for any traveler. Do not miss the opportunity to offer yourself a life time experience in this spectacular beach of the Ionian Sea.

The access to the beach is only by boat. For anyone who wants to see the beach from above there is a very nice spot with amazing view located near the Monastery of St. George Kremnon and it is accessible by car.

Will you visit Shipwreck beach this summer???